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September 18, 2005



Glad you made the trip safely. I'm sure it was hard to leave family again, but before long you will be able to come home to stay. Take care, and we pray that God holds you in the palm of his hand. Keep up the good work, and know that we all stand behind you are and proud of the work you guys are doing. God Bless

Kat in GA

Praying for you, your family, your SGT.... we appreciate your service!!!!!

PS ~ LOVE Chuck Swindoll! Great teacher, great author... I have that very same quote on my desk at work. :-)


Glad you made it back safely. Tiff sent us an update so we knew you landed. Sometimes the travel part is the scariest part. Hang in there and you will be home before you know it. The countdown begins. We will keep all of the troops in our prayers as you finalize your stay there.
love ya


thanks for sticking up for me bro on the blog. &;~)

get back soon, you gotta hang with me and andy p. for monday night football. it's a good time. -bro


Glad you had a relaxing, recharging break! You and Tiff continue to be in our prayers.


Im a college student in florida and came across your blog. I think youre so heroic and strong for everything youve been through and how much you love your wife. My boyfriend's in the Navy, and I miss him with my whole heart. Its inspirational how you both do it - god bless.

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im a bit late here but just want to say that you really have a brave heart and thanks for doing this, your really a hero to us

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